What you've always thought was your worst enemy may in fact be your best friend.

Concentrating assets where the strength is and using a rules-based system to be able to move out of stocks when appropriate are the keys to better performance.

Missing the biggest piece of severe stock market declines is a key to successful investing.

This is true even for young investors who are normally told to not worry about it because they have time to recover.

Is the buy-and-hold approach the only way to approach the stock market with No Exit?

The mutual fund industry would have us believe so but that's not the case. Great benefits can be had by having a rules-based strategy that does have an exit, or the ability of a stock portfolio to go to cash or bonds under certain conditions.

Two big risks to maintaining a successful retirement are:

1-Severe portfolio drawdowns or
2-Investing too conservatively.

The answer can be using tactical asset allocation or adaptive asset allocation that allows the portfolio to change according to market conditions.


The AlphaRotation® strategies are truly tactical. They don't just overweight or underweight certain asset classes. AlphaRotation strategies will concentrate the portfolio in the areas of highest strength, rotate them as needed, and have the ability to move to 100% cash or U.S. Treasury Bonds.

- Simple
- Intuitive
- Disciplined
- Rules-Based
- Emotionless

Keeping A Proper Balance

Keystone Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor specializing in managing tactical ETF strategies that seek to provide a balance between maximizing growth opportunities and minimizing downside risk.

Opportunities In Any Economic Environment

What if interest rates rise? What if they fall? What if the economy goes into recession? What if foreign stocks do better than U.S. stocks? How can I position a portfolio for growth but not be exposed to too much risk?


The Keystone Wealth AlphaRotation® strategies were developed to answer these questions. By using simple rules and calculations to compare the strength in various pieces of the financial markets the strategies regularly rotate to the areas of highest strength, always adjusting and adapting to what is actually happening in the world instead of trying to make predictions or emotion-filled decisions.


Our Mission

To increase the confidence and peace of mind of investors as they seek to achieve the goal of financial stability and security for themselves and their families through all types of market and economic conditions.